Re: [ft-devel] [PATCHSET] Multithread-safe FreeType

The patchset mainly removes use of singleton buffers in favor of
stack or per-face allocated ones.  In all cases this has no down
side.  [...]

Thanks!  I'll have a look next year :-) Just wondering: How much does
your patch increase FreeType's memory footprint?  What's the behaviour
in tight memory situations?  In particular, there are still a lot of
programs that don't need thread safety at all, and for such systems I
would like to avoid any bloated memory consumptions.


PS: In general, I would like to test FreeType in situations where the
    available memory is largely reduced so that I intentionally get
    many allocation errors.  Is there a GNU/Linux tool to restrict the
    available memory of a process or program?

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