Pango manual rendering


I want to use Pango for layout, but not for rendering. I have a proof of concept that works, but I think it's not the right way of doing things :)

I create a PangoLayout with my text, then get a PangoLayoutIter, then I start calling next_line() on it until it returns FALSE. On every iteration, I get a run (that returns a PangoGlyphItem) and iterate over the contained PangoGlyphString.

This works but, as I said, I think it's the wrong thing to do, I'm not sure if depending on "next_line()" is a good idea, I'm not sure if there is a correlation between that call and the call to "get_run()".

The second problem is that for every glyph, I get the PangoGlyphGeometry, but the X and Y offsets are always 0. This might be just because the font's I've tried work like that, but I just want to make sure.

Another unrelated question is, how can I disable ligatures using Pango?

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, but there is little to no information about what I'm trying to do.

Thank you in advance!

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