Need to render 0x00AD symbol

Title: Samsung Enterprise Portal mySingle



I am trying to render a string containing 0x00AD

gunichar2 sText[] = { (gunichar2)L'Q', (gunichar2)L'u',0x00AD,(gunichar2)L'i',(gunichar2)L'c',(gunichar2)L'k', 0};


I found that the symbol 0x00AD does not get rendered, as 0x00AD is a Default Ignorable Code Point (according to the Unicode 6.2)

I have rendered it by making the following changes:


1. Removing the following line in is_default_ignorable() function in hb-unicode-private.hh

case 0x00: return unlikely (ch == 0x00AD);

2. Removing  (ch) == 0x00AD from idna_is_junk() macro in ghostutils.c

3. Removing ch == 0x00AD in the return statement of pango_is_zero_width() in pango-utils.c


Do you think that these changes can lead to any side-effects ?


Thanks and regards,

Parth Kanungo




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