Re: [Fontconfig] Pango support for `size' OpenType feature?

> Ah, I think I see what you mean -- the (cited below) part of the
> spec that says that when a user selects a different size for some
> 'current' font, then the application should scan all other fonts
> with the same preferred family name?

Yes.  FontConfig can do that while creating the cache.

>   "Size ranges: [...] When any such font is selected by the user,
>   the application builds a list of all fonts with this subfamily
>   value and the same Preferred Family name, and notes the size range
>   in the current font. [...] If the specified size falls in the
>   current font's range, the application uses the current font. If
>   not, the application checks the other ranges in the subfamily, and
>   if the specified size falls in one of them, uses that font. [...]"
> I'm not really sure how that applies to fontconfig, given its
> different user interface (family and size are always matched in one
> go)

Exactly this is the problem...

> and the fact that it already lists the Preferred Family first, which
> should really suffice in most situations.

Whether it is `sufficient' is not the question.  FontConfig shows both
ID 1 and ID 16, which is good, and I think it is best if the `size'
mechanism works for both names.

> In this particular case, "LM Roman 12" is also just a very bad
> family name to return a different size for.

Well, yes.  Maybe fc-list and fc-match can indicate somehow that the
`size' feature is active.


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