Pango process_modules_file () module path

Hey Behdad,

In pango/modules.c, process_modules_file() is the following phrase (line 453):

 if (!g_path_is_absolute (tmp_buf->str)) {	
   const gchar *abs_file_name = g_build_filename (module_file_dir, tmp_buf->str, NULL);
   g_string_assign (tmp_buf, abs_file_name);
   g_free ((gpointer) abs_file_name);     

Aside from the formatting, my issue is that it's setting the path to be the same as the module file (i.e., pango.modules), which make install puts in $PREFIX/etc/pango. That isn't right, is it? Shouldn't it be setting the path to $PREFIX/lib/pango/${pango_version}/modules, which is where make install puts the modules?

John Ralls

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