abstract shape PangoLayout/Drop caps/PangoLayout+image from file

Is there a way for PangoLayout to handle abstract shape? The default shape is rectangle is there and easy way to change it or does it require code modifications in pango line breaking algorithm?

Not exactly the same, but similar question. How to implement drop caps (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Initial) in PangoLayout (Pango+Cairo)? I tried using shape renderer, but rendered shape becomes a part of one line only and is not wrapped by other lines if the size is bigger than one line.

Another similar question. How to insert picture from file to PangoLayout(Pango+Cairo)? Is there some kind of special pango markup language tag, special case of using custom shape renderer or is it somehow related to cairo and surface creation? 

Any tips/thoughts/ideas are greatly appreciated.

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