[Pango] Getting consistent layout extents without a rendering surface

Hi everyone,

I'm experimenting with using Pango to determine the size of a layout before 
knowing the actual surface where it will be drawn on. 

I'm noticing that the extends returned by pango_layout_get_extents for a 
temporary layout and the layout created by pango_cairo_create_layout at render 
time are not consistent. For both layouts the width and attributes are set at 
the same values. 

Are there any guidelines to guarantee consistent layout results? Could the 
problem be related to subpixel hinting that is configured at system (GTK) 
level? Is there any way to verify that the same font is actually being 
selected in the two case I described?

Thanks a lot for your help, please let me know if more information is needed
Alessandro Pignotti

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