Re: Tutorial for using advanced text features in pango library

On Tue, Mar 02 2010 05:04:13 +0000, kiranps yahoo com wrote:
>   I did not come across any tutorials for advance stuff. For the basic 
> tutorials, here are the links

I am amazed that could still be considered among the best that you could
find.  It uses Pango 0.14!

> For advanced stuff, I use Google CodeSearch with the API I am looking for
> This gets me code snippets. Since advanced stuff is usually strict in 
> the order in which you call things, I use the flow as it is.

There's also

> You can also look at the samples that I have cobbled together in the
> previous post. I used code snippets from Inkscape for that .

There's also a couple of examples in the Pango distribution.


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