Re: [cairo] Issues with Pango on OSX

On 07/08/2010 01:06 PM, Travis Griggs wrote:
> I have verified that using the libraries that I compiled into my
> ${prefix}/lib without any install_name_tool changes, work. So something
> about adjusting to the use of @executable_path and moving the libraries,
> and dl_open()'ing those, causes the errors above. But I really really
> really want to be able to make the libraries relative to the executable.
> We don't control where people install our program, they can put it
> anywhere, but we can make sure that we place the libraries an a fixed
> placed relative to that. This works fine for Cairo, but seems to be
> causing problems for Pango. I'm no expert in how Pango works, or the
> arts of OSX library resolution, so any help or hints, much appreciated.

Owen submitted a patch to GNOME bugzilla to do something like that IIRC.  You
may want to check it out.  Don't have the bug number handy right now.


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