I'm a newbie to pango low-level functions and am trying to learn how
	to use pango_itemize, pango_break, and pango_shape properly. 

	Given an item from pango_itemize, I do:

	PangoGlyphString *glyphs = pango_glyph_string_new();
	pango_glyph_string_set_size(glyphs, item->num_chars);
	pango_shape(text+item->offset, item->length, &item->analysis, glyphs);

	printf("number of glyphs: %d \n", glyphs->num_glyphs);

	for (int j=1;j< glyphs->num_glyphs ;j++){
		// crashes here
		printf("#%d, guint32 glyph=%d\n", j, glyphs[j].glyphs->glyph );

	What am I doing wrong? 

	thanks -august.

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