Re: Pango crossplatform layout size query

On 04/12/2010 07:22 PM, Richard Procter wrote:

> For me, the key to clarity is not quantisation per se but whether or
> not the layout calculations try to minimise inter-glyph spacing error
> arising from the limited precision of the device, so as to buy better
> glyph spacing at the cost of a device-dependent layout width. (Of
> course, I may be clearly having the wrong idea :).
> I suspect that 'quantisation' carries those connotations for you and
> so the ambiguity doesn't arise.

We are basically talking about the same thing.

>>> Great. I take it that I am basically on the right track then and that
>>> when you said cross-platform results without metrics hinting were
>>> 'fairly robust' you were thinking of that single device pixel.
>> More or less.
> I'd prefer a categorical answer if possible as to whether I can
> rely on pango to provide at most one pixel difference cross-platform
> with metrics hinting off, as I want to be sure that this is a viable
> solution before I commit to it, so as to minimise rework and to
> avoid inconveniencing my users.

By "more or less" I mean: it is supposed to work, but I'm fairly confident
that there are a few bugs...


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