Re: FreeType-backend procudes wrong unicode special characters on some systems (because of localization settings?)

Hi Jan,

Sounds like charset issue, yes. How are you processing the text? Is it coming from the command line? If you write the code in C and pass the text directly to pango_layout_set_text(), you shouldn't have any problem. Guess people more familiar with GTK+ on win32 can help you better.


On 09/12/2009 05:48 AM, "Jan Stühmer" wrote:
Hi all,

after I switched the pango-cairo backend to freetype, I get very nice Font rendering output under win32. Thanks to everyone developing Pango!

But since I switched to the FT backend I'm experiencing problems when rendering unicode special characters.
Special characters in the text, that should be rendered, are represented like #xE4; with UTF8-encoding.
Before I switched to Freetype the text encoding was fine, but now some single special characters (not the standard ASCII set) are represented with wrong single characters.

However, I don't experience this problem on all systems. Could it depend on the localization-settings of the windows system?
I don't have problems on a US-English system, but get wrong special character substitution on a German system. However this is just a guess and I couldn't ty yet to change the settings of that machine.

To switch to FT I use the following code snippet (was originally postetd by Behdad Esfahbod)

       PangoFontMap* fontmap = pango_cairo_font_map_get_default ();
       if (pango_cairo_font_map_get_font_type ((PangoCairoFontMap*)(fontmap)) != CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_FT)
           PangoFontMap* ftfontmap = pango_cairo_font_map_new_for_font_type (CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_FT);
           if (ftfontmap)
             fontmap = ftfontmap;
             fontmap = static_cast<PangoFontMap*>(g_object_ref (fontmap));
         fontmap = static_cast<PangoFontMap*>(g_object_ref (fontmap));
       pango_cairo_font_map_set_default ((PangoCairoFontMap*)(fontmap));

I'm using Pango 1.24.5 with Cairo 1.8.8 binaries from the GTK+2.0 win32 binary package with MSYS/MinGW.

Thank you for your advice,
  Jan Stühmer

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