Re: Memory ownership from pango_context_load_font(..)

Hello, Behdad Esfahbo

The answer is clear for me, too. But, another question. In some
sources, I saw, that people usually get references to widgets (or
GObjects in general), and some of them are made non-floating (by
g_object_ref_sink), and some a left as is.
Why? I think when I create a widget, and have a pointer to it
(GtkWidget*), and if I want to use it in future, should I left it in
floating state or not?
and the other question, why I should be sure that if I have a pointer
to widget (floating), and then using it on the second line, the
pointer will be the same? I think there is a chance that the GObject
data may be moved suddenly.

Thank you in advance,
Vlad Volodin

2009/5/11 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org>:
> On 05/11/2009 02:13 AM, Martin Sevior wrote:
>> HI Folks,
>>              I'm having trouble getting to the bottom of either a
>> crash on exit or a memory leak issue in abiword.
>> I think my problem stems from the function
>> PangoFont * pF = pango_context_load_font( (PangoContext *context,
>>                                                          const
>> PangoFontDescription *desc);
>> Which returns a pointer to a PangoFont struct.
>> Who owns pF? Do I have to keep track of it and do a g_object_unref(pF)
>> when I'm finished with it?
> Yes, load_font gives you a reference that you need to free.
> behdad
>> Or will it freed when I do a g_object_unref( context)? Or is it freed
>> upon a different action altogether?
>> Thank you!
>> Martin Sevior
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