Re: Using Pango for Batch Processing

Here is yet another tool doing something like that:

which I wrote to input some Hebrew into my non-Hebrew supporting media player.


2009/3/17 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org>
On 02/17/2009 12:51 PM, Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
2009-02-17 klockan 18:23 skrev Joshua Harvey:
I'm interested in using Pango to set type in OpenType fonts to be saved as
PNG images. I've done some googling and I can't find any examples on how
to use the library or pango-view to do this without GTK. The idea is to
use either pango-view or the Pango Ruby wrapper to convert text into PNGs
on the fly from a linux server that's not running gtk, for use as titles
in web pages.
I've got pango-view installed, but when I run it I get:
% pango-view -q --text "hi there" -o hi.png

Hello Joshua,

I wrote something exactly for this a while back, but never got around to
publish it. I just uploaded it to Launchpad for you:

Dude, just hack pango-view to do what you want.

There's a README file telling you how to use it. Basically it's just his:

  $ render-text-to-image \
    --font='Georgia' \
    --size=48 \
    --text-color='#eee' \
    --background-color='#000' \
    --text='Hello, world!' \

It also supports transparency, margins, and some simple markup.

pango-view from the just-released pango 1.24.0 does all that:

$ pango-view \
 --font 'Georgia 48px' \
 --foreground '#eee' \
 --background transparent \
 --text 'Hello, world!' \
 --output hello.png \


Good luck, and let me know if you have any comments!

    — Wouter
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