Re: pango layout in irregular (non-rectangular) bounding shape

> august,
> > I
> > can already render stuff to screen and bound a text segment by width
> > and height
> I guess you tried PangoLayout and friends.
> > how to render text within a non-rectangular bounding shape?
> > Can someone point me in the right direction?
> If I were you, I'd be using PangoItem, PangoGlyphString, and friends.
> They are lower layer interface to pango, and you need to write more
> codes than using PangoLayout, but it gives you better control over
> layout.  (There may be some easier ways if you only needs fill texts
> ina non rectangular area, but I don't know.)
> The following outlines what you need to do:
> (1) Call pango_itemize() once for your text,
> (2) Call pango_break() for your entire text,
> (3) Call pango_shape() for each PangoItem you got,
> (4) Fold the text into lines, scanning the list of PangoItems, calling
>     pango_glyph_string_get_width() for each PangoGlyphString you got,
>     also breaking several PangoItem in a middle, referring to
>     PangoLogAttr array you got (This will be the most complicated step),
> (5) Either call pango_reorder_items() for each folded line and somehow
>     refrect the results to your list of PangoGlyphString (or does an
>     equivalent processing manually as suggested by pango document...), and
> (6) Call pango_cairo_show_glyph_string() for each PangoGlyphString,
>     moving the cairo current point appropriately.
> Hope this helps,
>     Alissa


	thanks so much for taking the time to outline all of this.  I am
	still learning the pango api and this helps.


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