How to figure out position of ellipse in ellipsized text?

Let's assume, that the PangoLayout is ellipsised at the end with

Now the text ist too long and pango_layout_is_ellipsized
(m_PangoLayout) actually returns true.

How do I figure out, where the actual ellipse is located, and where my
text in that line ends?

When I iterate through the lines of text and look at a line with
PangoLayoutLine *pangoLayoutLine = pango_layout_get_line_readonly(
m_PangoLayout, line );
and then retrieve
pangoLayoutLine->start and pangoLayoutLine->length,
then I get a longer text, then actually displayed.

The weird thing is: The graphems that are not displayed anymore have
the width of 2.255

Any hint on how to figure out, where the ellipse is actually located
is creatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

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