Problems about displaying text vertically

I want to write a text viewer which can display text vertically for Japanese and Chinese glyphs. I know that Pango has supported this feature, but I have several questions and I can't find answer due to too scarce public info about Pano.
Currently, I can make GtkLabel display text vertically. But I don't know how to  make GtkTextView display text vertically. Can I do it with GtkTextView?
Since I can't do it with GtkTextView, I tried gdk_draw_layout(). I can draw text vertically now. My second question: When the input text file contains more glyphs than the screen can display, I want those excess glyphs displayed in the next page. How do I determine the last glyph to be sent to PangoLayout in a single page?
Please advise. Thanx. 

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