Re: Rendering Arabic text with Pango & Cairo VS Pango & FreeType

Thanks for the answear.

The pango dev packages ( provides library, especially pangoft2-1.0.lib and pango-1.0.lib that I'm using. Sorry if I didn't explain my self correctly, english is not my mother tongue.


2009/12/1 Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi>
> I don't know wich fonts are using the pagocairo backend... how can I know this informations?

It uses the fonts installed on Windows.

> I'm running pango on windows (with MSVC), using the binaries provided by
> GTK+ (
> For the pango viewer, I just created a small visual studio project to see
> how it work, link it statically with the GTK+ binaries and run it.

But there are no static GTK+ stack libraries provided from the page
you mentioned!?


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