Re: Error loading GDEF / GSUB / GPOS table 28333

On Apr 20, 2008, at 00:55, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

Hi. I'm the maintainer for pango in MacPorts, and a user has reported
some problems to me that I don't know what to do with, so I'm coming
to you for help. Here's the bug report:

First issue:

(wireshark:24691): Pango-WARNING **: Error loading GDEF table 28333

(wireshark:24691): Pango-WARNING **: Error loading GSUB table 28333

(wireshark:24691): Pango-WARNING **: Error loading GPOS table 28333

I myself have seen this issue with graphviz, not wireshark:

So I suspect a problem in pango or maybe cairo, not a problem in
graphviz or wireshark. Though for me, I notice no problem with the
pango/cairo output. Just the warning message of which I don't know
what to make. I am using pango 1.20.2, cairo 1.6.4, glib 2.16.3 on
Mac OS X 10.4.11. I've seen the issue on a Power Mac G4 with Xcode
2.5 and a MacBook Pro with Xcode 2.4.1.

FYI, this was fixed in pango 1.24.1:

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