Re: AW: Pango installation error

On Thu, Apr 16 2009 13:03:15 +0100, Eric Dahl hzd hessen de wrote:
> the problem is still present.
> /bin/sh: line1: glib-mkenums: command not found
> make[2]: ***[s-enum-types-h] Error 127
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/dahl08/tmp/pango-1.21.1/pango'
> i checked the make-file of pango and it`s searching in the right path
> for the glib-libraries. i still made an update for cairo and glib, but
> the error still occured with pango 1.24

1. If you're building using installed packages for GLib, etc., make sure
   you have the '-dev' (or similar) package for GLib.

   On Ubuntu, at least, 'glib-mkenums' is installed as part of the
   'libglib2.0-dev' package.

2. If you're also building GLib, etc., from source and your 'right path'
   for the GLib libraries is somewhere under '/home/dah108/tmp', then
   'glib-mkenums' is probably also under there, which probably means
   that it's not on your path.


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