GTK Input method and Windows IME

I have a PyGTK application for Win32 that needs support for Windows
IME as keyboard input method.
For example you need to select Windows IME when using "Indic IME 1
(v5.0)" to display the word being typed before it is committed.

This works now but only if Windows IME is selected (using the right
click menu in the GTK application) _before_ any Hindi text is entered.
If the input method is set to Windows IME after entering Hindi text
the preview of the word being typed is buggy (preview shows up as
duplicate bold text). It's also inconvenient and error prone if users
have to both set input method in MS Windows and every GTK application

So my question is if I can programatically set the input method from
PyGtk? If not can default input method be changed in RC files?

Also if I set Windows IME as the default input method is there any
downside to it? To me it seems to continue to work for languages that
do not use special Windows IME methods.

Reference: Indic IME 1 (v5.0) download site:


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