Re: SVG Fonts

On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 12:17 -0400, Gail Carmichael wrote:
> I'm helping someone work on an implementation for SVG Fonts for
> Inkscape and have a question I'm hoping you might be able to help
> with.
> Suppose I want to use PangoLayout to lay out a string of text as per
> normal, but that I don't have the font actually on my system.
> Instead, I have an SVG Font, which essentially amounts to having SVG
> paths for the glyphs required.  Is there a way to "fake" the needed
> Pango font to get the correct layout from a string of text, using the
> information available from the glyphs provided? Or is there no way
> around using some font already on the system?

Not right now.

First step to get there is for someone to write a cairo user-font
wrapper for SVG fonts.  Then to wait until this bug is fixed:

I already explained this on inkscape devel list last week.

> Thank you kindly,
> Gail


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