Re: U+00AD (soft hyphen) problem

On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 19:16 +0100, Peter Frentrup wrote:
> Hi,


> I am working on a formula renderer using Pango.
> For mathematical characters, I use the Computer Modern TrueType fonts 
> from
> cmex10.ttf (and the other cmex... fonts) place the smallest left angle 
> bracket glyph at ISO Latin 1 character 0xAD, which is normaly the soft 
> hyphen.
> According to, Unicode says this 
> is an invisible character, but ISO Latin 1 doesn't.
> Because Pango thinks it's invisible, it produces the glyph 0x0FFFFFFF, 
> which is invisible. But I need the real glyph of the font.
> Is there a possibility to let Pango treat this character as visible?
> I could manually search for the glyph index in all four cmex.. fonts and 
> use this in my code instead of calling pango_shape() as until now, but 
> this would be the ultima ratio for me ;-)

The way Firefox2 uses those fonts is by setting up a PangoFcDecoder to
map real Unicode characters to the glyphs.  That should avoid this

> Thanks,
> Peter


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