Draft on recommendations for Indic rendering - feedback requested

Hi everyone,

I have created a draft on recommendations for Indic
rendering. You can find it here:

It addresses some of the OpenType, Unicode and fonts
related issues. Many of the issues discussed here,
have been the source of conflicts for few languages.
Thus it was an utter need to provide a detailed
analysis like this. I hope the illustrations made
there provide some common guidelines. I would like to
appeal open source font developers (and layout enigne
developers) to start using them as a standard for
creating their fonts.
There would be certainly a scope for improvement in
this. I would like to hear from various communities if
they want some of the other left out issues to be also
The draft is open for discussion and feedback.
Feedbacks can be sent to rahul bhalerao redhat com or
to have a common place for discussion the blog entry
can also be used.

Rahul Bhalerao.

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