Win32: Pango font problem

I have a problem with Pango in Win32. Consider that I have an initialized variable of type
LOGFONTW. In the following code:

// Initialize LogFont
PangoContext *pc = pango_win32_get_context();
PangoFontDescription *font_desc =
pango_context_set_font_description(pc, font_desc);
PangoFont *pf := pango_context_load_font(pc, font_desc);
PangoFontMetrics *fm := pango_font_get_metrics(pf, NULL);

everything is fine until we reach pango_font_get_metrics. It seems that this
function avoids the provided font and resets the font to the default font and returns the metrics of default font.

Could anybody tell me what's wrong here?

Kind regards,

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