Re: Fixing

On Wed, 2005-09-07 at 17:11 -0400, Tom von Schwerdtner wrote:

> Okay, sorry I didn't get back to you last week. Broken finger and
> various other excuses...


> I think you should go ahead and move the wiki to the live site, it can
> only serve to help and encourage people to contribute to the content. 


> The wiki content is better than the live content anyways.  A link to
> the old site would be helpful though, until we are sure everything of
> use is migrated.

I've put the old site at for reference. It may be useful
in figuring out what should be on the new site. No link though, since
my feeling is that there is little content of actual interest there.

> As far as the theme goes I'd be happy to improve/tweak/maintain it. 
> Giving me some sort of access to the server would probably be best so
> I don't have to bother anyone else to fi little things.


And give me as the reference. Ask for both gnomeweb access and
a CVS account. Right now CVS isn't involved for the new site, but
it would be good to get the theme and maybe under
version control.


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