Re: Chinese Simplified appearance

Hi John,

Correct in what sense? Does the Chinese make sense? Yes, it generally reads OK. Does it look good? Obviously not. Does it look like Chinese normally comes out on Linux machines? Yes. Pretty much all Chinese on a Linux machin currently looks this bad. Things like Firefox seem to get the sizes more even, but the jumbling of bold and non-bold is similar.

The screen is in simplified Chinese. What seems to happen is where a traditional character looks the same as the simplified one, the character is taken from a traditional font, regardless of its quality of fit. This doesn't happen over the whole dialog box, though. The very first label, meaning customer, is the same in simplified and traditional. However, you can see the two characters have come from different fonts.


Boncek, John wrote:

Attached is a screen shot of a screen we are generating using Pango with GTK 2.2.4. It is a print preview screen with the printout mostly in Chinese Simplified. Does the Chinese look correct? It looks to us like Pango may have selected different sizes or boldness of fonts for different characters in the same line in many cases. Does it do this automatically when the selected font size doesn't have all the characters, or is there some other problem?


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