Re: Arabic line spacing problem

Hi John,
In the screen shots that your sent:

1. The Arabic seems to use a different font for the text above the buttons than for the buttons.

2. The first button on the left in the Arabic is centered, the others are right-aligned.

3. The Arabic translation is satisfactory (Isam Abuteir).

4. The Hebrew translation is very poor, to the point of being unintelligable. I read it before reading the English and was very surprised when I read it (the English).

5. The Hebrew text is centered in all instances.

6. The Hebrew font is low quality.

7. Text flow in both Arabic and Hebrew is correct.

I suspect that by using the same font for the buttons as you use for the instructions above the buttons will solve the line spacing problem. There is a big difference between "system" fonts and text fonts in Hebrew and Arabic because of the need to allow space for above and below line diacritics in the text fonts. The system fonts are used without diacritics in both languages by changing the spelling rules slightly.

Let me know if we can be of help - maybe send us some code snippets to work on.

 - yba

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Boncek, John wrote:

Thanks for all the interest and suggestions.  I'm gradually trying to
follow up on them.

Here are screen shots of the same screen in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.
The xterm window used to do the captures covers only a non-text area of
the screen.  The buttons at the bottom have 2-line text.

<<english.png>>  <<hebrew.png>>  <<arabic.png>>
I don't read Arabic or Hebrew.  While we're at it, could someone confirm
whether the Arabic and Hebrew lines go properly RTL?

I tried fc-list with several of its options on my system and got no output
at all.  I'll continue with some of the other suggestions next.

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