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90 in Russian is: девяносто


On Sat, 2005-01-01 at 12:32, Owen Taylor wrote:
> A bit of an abuse of this list, but I hope I'll be forgiven :-)
> My grandfather's 90th birthday is coming up this spring, and in
> commemoration, 
> the family is preparing a book for the occasion. As my contribution to
> the
> result, I'm working on a typographic composition for the occasion.
> What I'm looking for is "ninety" written out in various languages
> and in particular in various scripts. If the form would change depending
> on 
> "ninety what?" it should be the appropriate form for years or a person's
> age.
> Many thanks in advance,
> 					Owen
> [ Probably best to follow up here to prevent duplication of effort, but 
>   feel free to mail me privately as well. If there is any doubt that
>   Pango and commonly available fonts would render the result correctly,
>   an image so that I can check my work would be great. ]
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