pango doc

Hi all,

I'm still trying to figure out how to use pango for my own needs : I just want glyph location, as I do the rendering by myself. Is there any doc that describes what is a run, what is a line, what is a cluster, and how to use layout iterators ?

I use the following algorithm:

it = pango.pango_layout_get_iter(context.layout)
while it is not null:
	run = pango.pango_layout_iter_get_run(it)
         font = run.item.analysis.font
size = pango.pango_font_description_get_size(pango.pango_font_describe(font)) size /= pango.PANGO_SCALE
	while there are chars:
		render char

However, size is equal to zero when I set an absolute font size.
I glanced at pango code, especially pango-layout.c, but it's very difficult to understand the logic behind it. is a run inside a line ? should I call pango_layout_iter_next_line before pango_layout_iter_next_run
or pango_layout_iter_next_char ?

Is my algorithm right ?

I would be happy to ask that kind of questions to a user mailing-list, but I couldn't find anyone...

best regards,

stéphane conversy

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