Re: non-latin accelerator keys

On 12/21/05, Abel Cheung <abelcheung gmail com> wrote:

On 12/22/05, Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:
> The first bug complains about the fact that the "(_F)" form in which
> many CJK strings display the accelerator is not fully stripped out
> when showing the string in a toolbar, and you end up with "(F)" in
> the visible string.
> I am considering to change gtk_toolbar_elide_underscores() to strip not
> only lone _ characters, but also a sequence of the form " (_<single
> character>)" at the end of the string.
> I have a number of questions here:
> - Does this sound like a reasonable thing to do ? (the risk of
>   accidentally stripping something thats not an accelerator is
>   probably minimal, but not 0.

Indeed, there can be cases where a single CJK character is enclosed inside
parenthesis, and that's not uncommon; although when enclosed
character is a latin character it mostly means mnemonic key.

> - Is the (_F) approach generally considered just a workaround for
>   the second bug, or are there languages where it is the
>   preferred/standard way to display accel keys ?

Well, it is preferred, since multiple keystrokes are needed to input
non-latin characters, and I doubt if anything like Alt-<char> can
be entered at all. Hope anybody can enlighten me if this is
possible or not.

Ok,  GTK+ 2.10 will strip out a suffix of the form "(_<single character>)" in
addition to underlines, when displaying labels in toolbars. Please let me know if you
notice any problems due to this.


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