Re: ANN: Gnome Locale Support and Development list

danilo gnome org wrote:
We have created a list for discussing of locale-related functionality in
GNOME, and creating a library, mostly using the Unicode CLDR
information, which is not available in glibc locale files. The CLDR data
is currently used in Sun's OpenOffice.Org, IBM's ICU, and Apple's Mac

python, java, ...

I'm a bit worried that this is being done in gnome actually.
I can see why, but I would love to see exactly this incorporated
into glibc, or the existing stuff extracted from glibc and
merged with the CLDR data into a seperate package
without gnome dependencies.

I just hate seeing duplication of code/effort
and also a lot of data in this case.

Note to see the fields in the glibc locale
database, one can do:

locale | cut -d= -f1 | xargs locale -kc | less

P�aig Brady -

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