Re: ANN: Gnome Locale Support and Development list

On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 P draigBrady com wrote:

> I'm a bit worried that this is being done in gnome actually.

IMO it's something like libxml2, while developed in GNOME,
there's absolutely no reason it would not be used outside.

> I can see why, but I would love to see exactly this incorporated
> into glibc, or the existing stuff extracted from glibc and
> merged with the CLDR data into a seperate package
> without gnome dependencies.

Glibc is not interested in incorporating more locale data because
they follow ISO standards.  CLDR on the other hand is a superset
of POSIX locales and there already exist tools to automatically
generate POSIX locales out of CLDR data that can be used to feed
Glibc.  So the only remaining point here is the "without GNOME"
part.  We have not decided whether we want to use Glib or not,
but we definitely use libxml2, but that's widely used by all sort
of applications these days.

> I just hate seeing duplication of code/effort
> and also a lot of data in this case.

We really are busier than duplicating what's done already.  The
only reusable implementation we know of is in ICU which is
practically useless.  We may still rip code out of it though.


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