Re: How to prevent Right-to-left Menu ordering in Arabic/Hebrew locale

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005, Gaurav Jain wrote:

> Hi,
> Basically my problem is this: I want to be able to run my application
> in Hebrew or Arabic locales, but prevent the Menus from switching to
> Right-to-left mode, i.e., the File menu shifts to the extreme right,
> followed by the Edit menu second from right.. and so on till the Help
> menu on the left.
> What I want is the normal menu ordering, i.e., from left-to-right,
> File, Edit.. etc. and so on till Help menu on the extreme right.

What do you really want that?  It has nothing to do with
right-to-left.  What you want is an inversed order for the menus,
as in right-to-left languages, right-to-left menus are normal,
not left-to-right.

> Is there a way for me to tell GTK not to do this automatic switching?

Not that I know of. File a feature request on bugzilla if you
really really need that, but again, I'm not seeing the reason.

> Thanks a lot,
> Gaurav


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