Re: Re. A bug in pango

On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 15:01 +0530, saravananv wrote:
> >>   - The smallest possible test string that reproduces the problem as
>      an attachment.
> >>   - A screenshot of the incorrect rendering
> >>   - An image of what the correct rendering should be
> Previously, I had send an image file containing all details, but it was
> bounced back stating that it was of huge size.
> Ok. Herewith i am attaching a new image. I am using a new font
> MLU-Panini. But it can be reproducible using any Malayalam font(Except
> in the case of Chill char; most of the fonts does not make use of ZWJ
> for forming the Chill chars).
> I had applied the patch for the bug #151689, in pango-1.5.2, but the
> problem still exists.

Please go back and read the instructions in my last mail.


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