Re: character by name on the gnome canvas, custom fontencoding

> > - If you use a postscript font with the standard Adobe Unicode 
> >   character names for PUA codepoints

What's this?  AFAIK there are no `standard Adobe Unicode character
names for PUA codepoints'.  I *strongly* warn against use of glyph
names like uniF6FB.  There is absolutely no guarantee that U+F6FB is a
free slot.

> This seems the way to go.  Currently we use custom names, mostly for
> historical reasons.

Those glyph names are fully compliant with the AGL.  Don't change
them!  From unicodegn.html:

   For glyphs which do not correspond to any character in the Unicode
   standard, the name will not have any technical usefulness.  Any
   name can be assigned, as long as the name will not be interpreted
   as having semantic value by the rules in this article.  The
   practice of the Adobe Type Department is that if there is any
   useful descriptive tag for a glyph, name it accordingly,
   e.g. "mouse", "signForSale", "christmastreeBall12".  Otherwise,
   name it as variant of "orn" (short for ornament), e.g " orn001",

> I glanced at unicode music character names and there are some
> provisions for music characters/glyphs, but those are too simplistic
> for typesetting real world music, iirc.  A collection of music
> glyphs is not really the same thing as a text font.

The Unicode characters for music symbols are not suited for
typesetting at all.  It is intended for interchange only.

> > But in the short term, you'll certainly have the easiest time if
> > you can adjust the encoding of the font.

Owen, what exactly do you suggest?  Ideally, pango provides means to
assign a cmap...


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