Re: devanagari word processing

> 1. (Dunno if it uses pango)

It doesn’t use Pango, but at least Nagari works fine.

> 2. ���� ��ڳ��� (GNU Emacs)

What’s that in front of the parenthesis?  Anyway, the current
stable Emacs (21.3) has no support for Indian scripts.  If there
ever is a 21.4 version, it is supposed to support Indian scripts
if and only if you install a special set of non‐standard fonts:

What I gather from the Emacs development list is that they have
split into two unstable branches: “unicode” and “non‐unicode”.
They aim to release “non‐unicode” soonish, and “unicode” at an
indefinite future date.  The terminology is confusing, since all
these versions of Emacs have some partial support for Unicode, but
I guess for real Indian script support using OpenType fonts of
your choice you will have to wait for the eventual release of what
is now the “unicode” unstable branch.


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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