Re: character by name on the gnome canvas, custom fontencoding

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 14:11, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Owen Taylor writes:
> > - If you use a postscript font with the standard Adobe Unicode 
> >   character names for PUA codepoints
> This seems the way to go.  Currently we use custom names, mostly for
> hystorical reasons.  I glanced at unicode music character names and
> there are some provisions for music characters/glyphs, but those are
> too simplistic for typesetting real world music, iirc.  A collection
> of music glyphs is not really the same thing as a text font.

the "standard Unicode character names" that I was referring to 
are things like uni00E123. I forget the exact format, but you
should be able to find it.

> >  - If you use an OpenType/CFF font (or TrueType font, but you seem
> >   to have Type1 outlines) with a Unicode character map.
> Yes, we have a Type1 font.  Is it not possible to supply a Unicode
> character map with a Type 1 font?

My memory is that character maps in Type1 fonts are limited to
256 characters. If you need to go beyond that you can have CID-mapped
fonts which are used for CJK, but I don't think are relevant here.

But in any case, if the characters have the standard unicode names, I
think FreeType can find them even without an explicit character map,
so in some sense the way to provide a character map for a Type1
font is to give things the right names.

Converting from Type1 to OpenType/CFF is pretty trivial using 
FontForge; you just need to load the font and save it again.


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