Re: [BUG] korean characters crash xchat - bug in pango?

> After a friend of mine crashed my xchat, he referred me to the following 
> page:
> Only a few xchat-users experience the same problem.
> When debugging xchat with gdb I get an infinite backtrace, perhaps 
> something smashed up the stack.
> I then tried valgrind with its memcheck-tool to debug. I referred me to 
> render_syllable at hangul-fc.c:249. After examing this line, I suspect, 
> that the calculation of jindex could be wrong with false values of 
> text[i]. I don't know the code, perhaps the error is somewhere else, but 
> I must be in pango.
> I've attached the gzip'd valgrind log. I think the error occurs around 
> line 644.

Fixed in the CVS:

We really need a new pango release ASAP.

Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org>

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