How to control size, style and other attributes of fonts on widgets


I have installed gtk+-directfb, with pango-1.2.5 for rendering text.
I am trying to render indic & other Opentype fonts  in my appln.

I am able to display all of them, using gtk_button_with_mnemonic(UTF-8 string)

i want to know, how a UTF-8 string is getting mapped onto a proper .ttf font 
file, as i am not explisitely mentioning any font related details or library.

However if i use pango_layout_set_text(), and gtk_draw_layout() , nothing is 
getting displayed.

I also tried gtk_widget_create_pango_layout () and gtk_widget_modify_font ().
But again nothing is getting displayed.

Actually iam trying to control the size & style & other attributes of the 
font on various widgets.

Thanks in advance.


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