Re: pango + zwj


First, RH9 is too old to test Pango, please update to latest
version, or preferrably, CVS HEAD branch.

Second, look for it on bugzilla.

Third, it should be handled in the Indic module.

Fourth, seems like latest Pango does something for ZWJ in Indic
module, most probably what you want:

[behdad home pango]$ grep ZWJ modules/indic/*
modules/indic/indic-ot.c:                    chars[baseLimit] == C_SIGN_ZWJ) {
modules/indic/indic-ot-class-tables.c:    if (ch == C_SIGN_ZWJ) {
modules/indic/indic-ot.h:  C_SIGN_ZWJ      = 0x200D,


On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Saravanan wrote:

> Hello,
> According to Unicode rules, for forming the Malayalam
> Chillaksharams(soft consonants) one must press corresponding
> consonant+ Virama(0d4d)& ZWJ(200D).
> But, Yet it is not clear to me that whether pango handles ZWJ
> in the Indic fonts. Whether actually ZWJ is also taken care in
> pango. I have Unicode font which, in windows, renders Mal.
> Chillaksharams(Pure consonants) when the corresponding
> Consonat, virama, ZWJ is entered. But in Linux(RH9.0) it is not
> working. They are displayed separately.
> I think the ZWJ is not handled in pango for indic fonts. What
> should be done, inorder to take the ZWJ also in to
> consideration for forming the the required combinations.
>     Looking forward for your reply.
> Regards,
> Saravanan


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