font size and point->pixel conversion

Hi! I am having a little problem with the font sizes. Before using pango (gtk-1, or GdkFont for that matter), I could match exactly the font size to the postscript font size, so if a font was 12pt on my pixmap, and 12pt on the ps file, they would look exactly the same. Now, after implementing the pango interface, my fonts are 20% bigger on the pixmap, and a 12pt font look more like 16pt.

Another idea. Run the gtk-1 font selection dialog, and the gtk-2 one with the same font size, and you'll get a bigger font with gtk-2.

I though it could be related to antialiasing, so after disabling it I saw that it wasn't that. So I guess it has to be some pixel->point scale factor with pango or fontconfig that I am not aware of. Any ideas?
Thank you!

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