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On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 13:53, Adrian Feiguin wrote:
> Hi guys, I guess this question was answered a million times, but I
> couldn't find the answer in the archives. I have a RH9 box. After
> compiling pango, I ran pango-viewer, and I get the list of all the
> font families that are installed in my box (including the
> fonts from

What version of Pango did you compile? Current versions of Pango
don't come with pango-viewer... it's specific to the old X backend.
RH 9 uses the Xft backend by default, and current versions of
GTK+ don't even support the old X backend. 

> However, they all display as different versions of Times, Courier,
> Helvetica, or Terminal. Symbol does not display at all. Same happens with
> the gimp, Abiword, and the gtk font selector. However, Openoffice
> works fine.
> Another example: I modified pango-viewer to print the font description
> corresponding to the selected font. Then I go to testgtk.c in the styles
> example, and I do:
>     font_desc = pango_font_description_from_string("times, Medium 12");
> and when I use it I get a font that looks like "times, Bold, 19". This is
> all very confusing.
> What is the problem? Can you tell me where to look at for more
> info for fixes? Examples?

"Times" is probably only on your system as a bitmap from the X fonts,
so I'm not sure I'd worry too much the details of weight selection.


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