Re: Malayalam character classification

Arun M said on Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 05:45:21AM +0100,:

 > Also i think it is better we go for reformed malayalam first. After

Does this really matter in light of OTF and PUA? At least that is what
I  have  been  told --  that  properly  encoded  data will  render  as
traditional  script when fonts  containing traditional/old  glyphs are
used,  and will show  as reformed  script when  fonts without  the old
characters are used.

 > that we can think of adding old malayalam. Many people in the younger
 > generation will find it difficult to read old script. Eg syllable
 > 'tau'.

If I have understood the above correctly, I think we can really leave
it to the font developers to decide what fonts they develop, and to
the public to decide what script they will use. 

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