Re: Malayalam character classification

>  > I was trying to debug why it was rendering incorrectly.
> Please  see the  attached  png. This  is  what people  expect for 
> the
> sequence in the first column. The rendering is on libpango1.0,
> version
> 1.4.0-3 with gedit  2.6.1-1 on debian.  The font is  an OTF, with
> 900+
> glyphs.  The  second column  (new lipi) required  some white  space
> to
> prevent the glyph substitution.

Does that mean Rachana OTF is available now ? If so where can i get it.
I was about to start working on that. If it is already available that
is a good news. 

> Akruti does not render the ya ligature at all for me, so I'm not
> using
> it.

Some tables in pango were modified by us and Akruti tables are based on
that. That includes modifications Owen had now made in the CVS version
and few others(of which Owen convinced me that i was wrong with one.). 

It would be nice if you can get pango cvs and check. 

Also i think it is better we go for reformed malayalam first. After
that we can think of adding old malayalam. Many people in the younger
generation will find it difficult to read old script. Eg syllable


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