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Thanx a lot Noah, you did a great job of answering the questions. I know Asad's questions were a little vague, but trust me, some how this whole fonts cloud is so hazy and confusing that somebody like me cant even think of what to ask, except "how do I learn all this mess?" :). Anyway, your answers give me a thread of questions to pursue so here I go, trying to ask more specific questions. :) 1) Does font config have database of all fonts used by all (open source) apps? If not what are the examples of common apps not using fontconfig on X? and where do they get their fonts from? 2) Is there a difference between fonts and glyphs? If yes, then since pango gives sequence of glyphs and font config has database of fonts(I hope) where/when does the conversion take place? 3) If pango only gives back a sequence of glyphs then Are we (app using pango) responsible for making Xft calls? 4) Are we also responsible for making fontconfig calls? (how do you use fonconfig anyway? is it a library as in -lfontconfig?) 5) specific example: If I do "ls" in my gnome terminal, in a directory that has files with unicode names. Is ls responsible for making calls to any of the libraries mentioned above? (I hope not), Can ls just output unicode to stdout and is the gnome-terminal responsible for rendering the unicode? Does gnome-terminal use pango,fontconfig and Xft? or does it use something else?
Noah Levitt wrote:
6) If I set fonts to arial or something in my brwser or something, and that app tries to render some non english characters, how does it successfully render them? how are non english charactes associated with these standard fonts? Can I have just one font for say hindi on my system and associate that with all fonts, like times new roman, arial, courier etc..?

Thanx a lot
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