Re: Help Required

Please ask more specific questions in the future; a person
could write a book about each of these.

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 10:10:53 +0100, Asad Shakeel wrote:
> 1)       What functionalities Pango is providing itself and for which it is taking help from the X-server concerning the font rendering.

Pango takes text and text attributes, and chooses and
positions glyphs. 

> 2)       The second thing which is confusing us is that what is the clear architecture of X-Windows(including XProtocol,Xfree86,Xft,Xlib,FontConfig).What are the specific tasks each of them is performing.because a lot of contradicting material is available. 

fontconfig provides information about fonts on the system.
Xft is a wrapper over freetype to draw glyphs in X. The
others don't have much to do with pango.

> 3)   What is the role of FreeType Libraries in the rendering of the font.

With the Xft and freetype backends, freetype draws the


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