Re: Combining characters

>>>>> "Owen" == Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

>> Now, if I want to render the composite character 4001+4010, how
>> should I proceed?  Is there a way to map unicode sequences to
>> actual (physical) fonts.  Prefarably in the form:

Owen> Not really sure what you are asking - maybe you can be less
Owen> hypothetical?

Here is an example.  Emacs' ipa input method supports, eg, a
miniscule open e w/ tilde.  The bdf fonts in the gnu unifont
collection includes one w/ the xlfd:  (also in 14 and 24 pix)


that contains the open e w/ tilde as a single character (encoded at
0xbb).  In unicode, however, there is no precomposed character for
that; one must use U+025B LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN E and U+0303
COMBINING TILDE for that.  That is, in utf8, < ɛ̃ >.

He wants to be able to use a font like the muleiap-1 fonts to display
such combining sequences.

(muleipa-1 also has tilda'ed versions of latin small letter alpha,
latin small letter open o and latin small ligature oe that are also
not precomposed in unicode.)

(NB that muleipa-1 was just the first example I thought of; it is
probably not the one the OP is using, merely similar.)


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