Re: Sending input context to XIM server


Instead of creating you own XIM Server using IMDKit (which is out of 
date technology) , you can try to use the Input Method Framework "im-sdk", which 
is the successor of IMDKit available at:

You can download the latest tarball and install in your machine and check it.

- There is a GTK-IM module (iiimgcf) which allows GTK+ Client to directly
  talk to IIIM Server bypassing XIM.

- There are variety of Language Engine framework/template comes with it. You must be
  able to enable your language support with minimum effort. 

- There is a generic language engine framework "UNIT" with which you add your
  language support by adding 'key mapping table' (composition sequence mapping

Please let me know if you need more information. 

Thanks and Regards,

> Subject: Sending input context to XIM server
> From: Anuradha Ratnaweera <ARatnaweera virtusa com>
> To: gtk-i18n-list gnome org
> Organization: Virtusa Corporation
> Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 22:21:34 +0600
> We have successfully created a XIM server which can receive keystrokes
> and commit strings to the client.  We are trying to figure out two
> issues to proceed forward:
> - Does GTK provide callbacks for the XIM server to find out the
> characters around the cursor? (so that we can do context dependent
> substitutions etc.)
> - If yes, (well, this is not exactly a GTK question), how can an XIM
> server using IMdkit get to know about them?
>         Anuradha

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