Re: Sending input context to XIM server

On Wed, 08 Oct 2003 22:21:34 +0600
Anuradha Ratnaweera <ARatnaweera virtusa com> wrote:

> We have successfully created a XIM server which can receive keystrokes
> and commit strings to the client.  We are trying to figure out two
> issues to proceed forward:
> - Does GTK provide callbacks for the XIM server to find out the
> characters around the cursor? (so that we can do context dependent
> substitutions etc.)

 Gtk+ has a function, gtk_im_context_get_surrounding. So immodules can
get charactlers around the cursor. But, XIM immmodule doesn't use this
 After all, your XIM server cannot know the characters around the caret.

> - If yes, (well, this is not exactly a GTK question), how can an XIM
> server using IMdkit get to know about them?

 I'm not detailed to XIM and IMdkit, so I don't know how you should do
concreately. But, XimProto.h in IMdkit have "#define XIM_STR_CONVERSION
71". I think this is related to the thing you want to do.



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